What Movies Are Playing Best Movies 2017?

On the lookout for a picture to watch tonight or this weekend? Have a look at our lineup of the greatest movies out today, reviewed by Time Out New York critics. Click on a list for complete reviews, trailers and showtimes. Or consult with our weekly curated collection of the greatest picture screenings in NYC for much more!


Women Trip
Four old friends go crazy in a shamelessly funny humor blessed with terrible behavior and heart.


Christopher Nolan’s somber tribute produces a distant warfare sense uncomfortably present.

What Movies Are Playing Best Movies 2017?

War for the Planet of the Apes
Featuring special effects which redefine the cutting edge, this superb third entry in the rebooted series completely immerses you in a scary future world.


Chasing Coral

Making environmental catastrophe both visually alarming and so heartbreaking you’ll cry an ocean of your own, Jeff Orlowski’s documentary is cine-activism done with panache.


Lady Macbeth
Confusingly, it doesn’t have anything to do with Shakespeare: The tale concerns a teenager in Victorian England (Florence Pugh, like a young Kate Winslet) whose father has married her off to a rich miner’s son.


Spider-Man: Homecoming
This teen-flick-meets-action-movie marks a bright and breezy return for the teenage superhero.


A Ghost Story
Interrupted by death, a couple’s love finds a weird way forward within this slice of supernatural risk-taking.


Baby Driver
Director Edgar Wright refuels the car-chase movie, goosing it using a wallpapered-with-pop- tunes kick that’s all his own.

What Movies Are Playing Best Movies 2017?

The Reagan Show
Smartly judged concerning scope, this documentary takes a found-footage approach to the president’s iconic potency, which was carefully finessed.


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