Metro Pcs Iphone Sim Card

Using a MetroPCS SIM Card, you can enjoy the advantages of your telephone and all the information, text and talk that you desire with plans beginning at $40 each month. Using a MetroPCS SIM Card, you can enjoy the advantages of your telephone and all the information, text and talk that you desire with plans beginning at $40 each month.

Metro Pcs Iphone Sim Card


* Supports most Android and smartphones mobiles

* Nationwide 4G LTE policy

* No Yearly contract

* Straightforward plans with large savings

* No refund, return charge for SIM cards


MetroPCS – SIM Card Information

To put in your SIM card, then insert the SIM card in your phone, with the suitable adapter (if needed).  For devices requiring a normal SIM, utilize the bigger included adapter.  For devices needing a micro SIM, utilize the smaller comprised adapter.  Devices requiring a nano SIM won’t need an adapter, however, the adapters must be kept for potential use in a different device.  If you’re in doubt which SIM or adapter fits your phone, please see a MetroPCS store or Authorized Dealer before trying to install the SIM or the adapter.  When the SIM is installed, insert your phone’s battery and charge your cell phone.

Metro Pcs Iphone Sim Card

MetroPCS – SIM Card Terms & Conditions

Details: MetroPCS doesn’t sell the iPhone, and isn’t affiliated with Apple Inc..    Capable device needed to attain 4G speeds.   IPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. And other nations.   If your current GSM phone is from another carrier, you might want to contact them to have it unlocked.   Ours might affect your rights and obligations.  Check your device warranty and any contract you might have with your current wireless carrier to learn what conditions apply to unlocking your device.  MetroPCS isn’t affiliated with and does not endorse; use it at your own risk.   Sales tax not included.  Not active until scanned at register.  Additional airtime purchase is needed to begin using the service.  Device and screen images simulated.  Monthly plans give wireless service and speeds vary per device.  MetroPCS 4G coverage and service not available everywhere; see coverage details at  Nationwide long distance just in continental U.S. And Puerto Rico.  MetroPCS services for individual use only.  Coverage: Maps approximate anticipated coverage outdoors, which might consist of limited or no-coverage locations, nor guarantee service availability.  Network Management: Service might be slowed, suspended, terminated, or restricted for misuse, abnormal usage, interferes with our network or capacity to offer superior service to other users, or significant roaming.  Return Policy: No refund or return for SIM card purchased or related support.  This return policy only applies to new SIM cards and associated services purchased from MetroPCS, its authorized dealers and  Monthly company, application download fees, other fees and funds in MetroConnect accounts are non-refundable.  Purchases made at National Retail locations might be governed by National Retailer return policies.  See for Terms and Conditions of Service.  See associate, brochures and Terms and Conditions (such as arbitration provision) at for rate plan options, coverage maps, charges for features and services, and restrictions and details.  2014 T-Mobile USA, Inc..  MetroPCS related brands and trademarks are the exclusive properties of T-Mobile USA, Inc..  All other product and brand names are the properties of their respective owners.  Premium Handset Protection handset insurance is only available on new phones, and can’t be added with Bring Your Own Phone activations. Metro Pcs Iphone Sim Card

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