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Hungry Shark World is the long-awaited follow-up to Hungry Shark Evolution, and the first since Ubisoft took over Future Games of London. In this game, you play as one of many sharks, and your goal is to eat anything that you possibly can. You can collect a massive amount of sharks, and the bigger your shark is, the more creatures (including other sharks) that they can eat. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hungry Shark World!

There are plenty of upgrades to buy, the most popular being those that make your shark faster and stronger, but one that is often overlooked is the map of the sea that you are in. It costs 500 coins, and when you have it, you can use it to find various bonuses, including the HUNGRY letters. The initial map doesn’t show the daily chest locations, though; upgrade a map using 100 gems and it will show all of the HUNGRY letters as well as daily chests.


Daily chests and missions are a very quick way to earn gold coins. Find and open five daily chests per level per day; each one contains several hundred gold. Missions, of course, are the quests that you can complete each time that you play. You get three at once; once you complete them all, you collect the gold and you can then use it to upgrade your shark.


To unlock bigger sharks, you have to eat enough creatures and people, and score enough points, to increase your current tier’s upgrade bar to 100%. Alternatively, you can spend gems in order to earn the new level of shark right away, although that can get extremely expensive eventually.


If you want to earn gems for free, very quickly, go to the in-app purchase store and pick the options to watch a trailer. You can earn either 2 gems or 100 coins from watching a trailer, depending on what button you select. You can watch as many trailers as you want. Making an in-app purchase will disable the mandatory ads; watching a video will not, although the ads are non-intrusive anyways.

If you want to continue a round after you die, you can watch a trailer for that, too, or you can pay gems if the trailer option doesn’t show up. Generally, continue the round if you have not finished all of your missions. If not, then continue the round and try to finish off the rest of the missions.


You’ll see gold fish/birds/people around. If you eat them, then you get more gold than you would from eating normal people/fish/birds. Fill up the gold rush bar all of the way and for a limited time, every single fish will turn gold. You will also become invincible, so if you get surrounded by mines, start ramming them and blowing them up during the gold rush.


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