CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars:CHEATS and Strategies

However, are you really a winner too?

These being said, let’s not waste one second and let us check out below a few CATS hints and secrets to construct the ideal vehicle and continue winning these conflicts!


1. Do not hurry to update components!
You are just beginning to find adequate parts when you hit Stage 4 at the Championship and the likelihood of becoming better and better gear increase as you climb up the rankings. However, Stage 4 could be attained easily, so wait till you arrive and reach some 5-star components before even contemplating updating.

If you continue losing (we will pay for this later on), then attempt to modify the plan of your automobile and try various strategies with different body types. When it’s still not functioning, update some of the most significant components you have (typically the favored weapon) and try again. But hoard up on gear because comparatively soon you will have a lot of 5-star wooden pieces to update and use in conflict.

2. Conserve your update points
Once recorded, the update points can not be flashed so need to be quite careful on what you are spending on them. If you are just beginning, it is ideal to spend them on nothing yet and wait patiently. You unlock new places which you can update as you advance through the phases and frankly, the very first ones it’s possible to update aren’t that good.

The top things to devote update points would be the excess energy boosts for the several kinds of auto bodies. But do not hurry to put money into the Titans however (the primary ones it’s possible to update energy for) because you want to check all of bodies and determine which ones perform best.

Quite simply: conserve your update points for whenever you’ve got a favourite automobile body, then invest some things in updating it. It is safe to say that you ought to wait till you get to Stage 7, since you’ll get a larger selection of choices (Titans, Sneakies and Surfers). But, attaining stage 7 isn’t simple, so until then it is possible to invest a few points if you truly wish to. I’d put money into weapons because additional damage never hurts.


3. Place your Bets
The game gives you the opportunity to risk losing a bit of gear by voting on which car you believe will win one forthcoming battle. Should you win, nevertheless, that part of gear gains a bonus and you get some points too. It is a great idea to attempt to use this attribute as often as possible because generally even in the event that you lose, you typically have an opportunity to see a video advertising and maintain your part. That means that you may just benefit from using this attribute — be sure that you do this as frequently as possible. And if you are unsure, you can take a look at the other votes and also proceed with the majority since they’re usually perfect.


4. Get Involved in fast fights
Even in the event that you’ve got the box slots filled, participate in Quick Fights — and winning them — is vitally important because every win provides you points which could help you climb the ladder up, get promoted to another league and find some wonderful rewards. So try to maintain your positions as large as possible so as to catch the best rewards once the year’s over, so continue winning these fast fights even when you’re not getting additional boxes.


5. The way to win your conflicts?
And unfortunately, it is the toughest to answer as you’ll need to do a great deal of customizing and testing dependent on the gear you’ve got. More, with such a wide variety of gear pieces offered and so much randomness in what one will get as a benefit, 1 participant’s best vehicle may not be accessible for another.

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